1— Intrigue and involve participants in the development of a collective cultural project. 
2— Take as an excuse the handwriting of several audiovisual programs and its dissemination on the Internet. 
3— Work with different groups on a directly constructed situation, an issue, a subject, something that concretely engages and affirms the knowledge and the sayings, but also energies and attentions of each of the participants engaged. 
4— Experiment through these devices of recording and these forms of broadcasting situations, the creation of interpersonal narratives and communities of thought, that could be invented by the participants. 
5— Around a table. In an allotted time.
6— Add this new collaborative dimension as a stratum to the previous ones, elaborated in THE LANGUAGE OF EVENT in order to see conversations between those moments of individual reflection produced by the questionnaires, with those new moments of a collaborative actions and thoughts, that the realization of this show necessarily requires. 
7— Appropriate and tame as much as possiblet the tools of the political discourse in action, and the means of contemporary communications, social networks in first line. 
8— Consider finally, how, why and for whom, produce a cultural object today.