So far, this protocol has taken the form of a survey of people who responded freely to our announcement, in the press, on public boards or on social networks. During an individual interview oscillating between the aspects of a polling institute, a job interview, a casting or a consulting company, the aim is to bring out a personal reflection on contemporary social issues. 

We propose the filling of questionnaires concerning the desires and the needs that each of the participants would invoke for the creation of a future tv show. The submitted questionnaires have no scientific value (the collected data have no statistical function), but they are inspired by activist documents, but also tools and psychological experiences, and still marketings and managerial analyzes. Questionnaires are completed by participants and commented simultaneously with us. Their uses and aims are really to offer support for a live construction of seen and unseen thoughs, and to generate the artificial roots for a discussion based on the reality and everyday issues of the participants. 

The participant becomes both actor and co-author of the project. This first device therefore operates as a key discursive tool for our audiovisual program. It is the prologue and the preparatory work, revealing and manipulative the participants’ affects and opinions. Between the maieutics and the psychodrama, the language of the event, plays the unpredictable, talkative and discreet game of public opinion.